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NEXUS  -  AW/17

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

Gallileo Gallilei.

In 1977, the Voyager Probe detected the first faint waves of sonic vibration emanating from the stars. We discovered that each astral body in fact has its own unique signature echoing into the universe, effectively “singing” to the stars. This prompted NASA to launch a deeper exploration into what became known as the "Voice Of The Planets", culminating with a 12 year odyssey by the Cassini space station analysing and recording, for the first time, the sounds of our galaxy, it’s beauty, its darkness, its possibilities.

Using this philosophy and the iconic imagery from the Cassini mission as our inspiration, Hoodedwept presents Nexus – AW17.

The collection references shapes and textures encountered in our galaxy, working within a stark yet textural palate of Carbon, Optic White, True Black and tarnished metallics, the pieces reflect clean lines, structured silhouettes, asymmetric detailing and sharp elements of technical design that compliment our trademark drapery so intrinsic to the Hoodedwept aesthetic.

Cashmere knit blends lay harmoniously alongside crisp cotton poplin shirting. Weighty sports jerseys and sleek leather & black denim outerwear add contrast whilst flashes of dull metallic micro-sequin remind the wearer of glittering ice-dust throughout the void.

Performance fabrics such as Neoprene and Ponti create base counterpoints of soft structure via unisex Bomber jackets, tailored coats and stretch pants with tessellated pattern detail, uniting to form a deeply cohesive collection, both visually and conceptually.

Much like the unique voice and story of each planet and star, we hope that Hoodedwept Nexus - AW17 , will help you to express your own unique voice to the world around you, via the clothing you choose.