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S H I N R A I   A W /  1 8

"Whatever it is you're seeking, won't come in the form you're expecting."       -       Haruki Murakami

Inspired aesthetically by the style of Japanese Butoh dance theatre ("The Dance Of the Soul") and the broader, more universal concepts of trust, faith and sexuality, Hoodedwept present Shinrai - AW18.

The collection delves into sharper, more directional territories than previously seen within the brand, yet still features the trademark multi-textured blacks that have become a Hoodedwept staple. Militaristic silhouettes and strong, athletic-fit basics set the tone for Menswear whilst a stronger, more provocative direction is taken to convey the Women's story for this season, told through combinations of leather and wool, linen and cotton, Cashmere and silk with feature fabrics such as ragged textured rayon and waterproof tech fabrics for both collections,

Key colours of deep-red Merlot, gunmetal grey, semi-metallic black and optic white are strewn throughout the collection, providing high notes and counterpoint to the base of textured monochrome.

Designer Neil Sheriff had this to say about the new range:

"The collection comes after an intense period of growth, change and soul searching both personally, physically and creatively. I have often struggled with the idea of trust and the simple act of placing ones faith in the Universe and this range represented an opportunity to explore and address those uncertainties. All of the Hoodedwept collections are drawn from personal experiences and (this collection) Shinrai was basically me pushing my own boundaries as a designer and as a human, trusting my own intuition."