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“The greatest war is that which lies within us.” - Proverb

LOVEHATELOVE - AW19, explores the themes of conflict, resolution and peace, throughout three stories spanning both women’s and men’s collections. Working within our trademark monochromatic palate, the collections first story “A Song of Blood” relies on deep, rich reds and burgundys to convey the complex relationships of self-love vs self doubt via a textural palate of knitted linen, micropleat viscose mix and soft rayons.

The predominantly black “Song of Hate” explores conflict and conversations of judgement, secrecy and hidden prejudice both within ourselves, and those we project on to our fellow human. High-contrast, luxurious black-on-black textures of tulle, leather, wool, waxed denim, knitted linen and pima cotton unite the story, before giving way to the softer, more neutral “Song of Peace”, relying heavily on softer tones of chalk, pearl, oatmeal and white to conclude this chapter.

This collection offers a return to Hoodedwepts “tried & true” DNA of pairing soft, malleable fabrics with strong silhouettes and brave, architectural features