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The Hoodedwept story



Hoodedwept was conceived via a single philosophy:  That fashion is one of the most powerful forms of communication we have. We encourage our wearer to approach clothing as a language, an avenue for expression and a medium for storytelling, transcending verbal dialogue. 

Drawing from these cornerstone values of expression, freedom and the importance of story,  Hoodedwept works largely within a monochromatic palate placing an emphasis on strong yet functional silhouettes and textural fabrics, providing a space for those who wish to explore their style and ideas beyond the norms of conventional fashion.


Each Made-To-Order piece we produce is constructed for you by specialist garment makers with a collective experience of over 60 years in our inner-city studio. We make each piece individually, ensuring your garment choice remains exclusive and unique. 

Hoodedwept will only ever use recycled leathers, ethically sourced wools and animal fibres and (where possible) organic fabrics to minimise our carbon footprint, delivering unique, thought-provoking, quality work with every order.