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T H E   S T O R Y 

Marcella Detroit’s collection for Hoodedwept is an 11 piece capsule designed around the ideas and inspiration of her music, imagery and her own inimitable personal style.

Creative Director Neil Sheriff stated; “Throughout her career, Marcella has never been afraid to embody strength, both sonically and visually. She is a true creative and a beautiful human being whom embodies the spirit of artistry, bravery and avant-garde elegance inherent throughout Hoodedwept. She has created such a stunning collection and it is such an honour to collaborate with her."

Each piece comes with a unique garment label and printed certificate of authenticity featuring a lyrics excerpt  from her music. 

Working from her LA Home with the Hoodedwept studio in Australia, whilst also working on her new album, Marcella and the production team collaborated via email, Skype and regular mail over a period of months exchanging ideas, refining styles and swapping physical samples to perfect the pieces, before rendezvousing with the brand in Melbourne to shoot the campaign. 

“I never would’ve suspected that a chance meeting with such an incredibly talented, imaginative soul would’ve led me to fulfilling one of my childhood dreams. I’m very proud to have collaborated with  Hoodedwept on my first collection! I hope you enjoy it”.